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When I first starting researching Linux Containers, Docker was just a glint in it’s Father’s eye….Or so they say.

lxc-tools allowed you to configure a container

Further explanation required time


LXD is a container hypervisor

Some of the biggest features of LXD are:

  • Secure by design (unprivileged containers, resource restrictions and much more)
  • Scalable (from containers on your laptop to thousand of compute nodes)
  • Intuitive (simple, clear API and crisp command line experience)
  • Image based (no more distribution templates, only good, trusted images)
  • Live migration

It’s basically an alternative to LXC’s tools and distribution template system
with the added features that come from being controllable over the network.

Made of 3 components:

  • A system-wide daemon (lxd)
  • A command line client (lxc)
  • An OpenStack Nova plugin (nova-compute-lxd)

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