Zabbix Monitoring

Zabbix is an open source monitoring system which is used to monitor all aspects of your environment. There is a large library of open source templates which will help you get the basic monitoring capabilities up and running in a very short period of time. You can also create your own templates, or indeed modify previously downloaded ones.

Zabbix, as an overview, works on a system of templates, applications, items and triggers.


are created and hosts can be assigned to them, so for something you want some or all of your hosts to monitoring, like disk space, or CPU utilisation, you can add these in a template and you’re only creating it once.


Within the template, applications can be configured, these are used for grouping items into logical groups.


Items gather info from the hosts. Items can be attached to templates. You could have a template that monitors Elasticseach cluster for example. Within this you could have an item that gets data on cluster health. When this reaches a certain status you can then create a trigger.


A trigger is when some threshold is reached and an error is pushed to the Zabbix front-end to alert anyone that happens to be monitoring the screen. They work on expressions, so you could set up a trigger than monitors the status of the elasticsearch cluster and when the “health string” is set to yellow Zabbix will flag a Warning”, if the string is red then something else can be flagged, like “High” or “Disaster” etc.

Official Zabbix Templates

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